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  • Few minutes and your photoalbum is in the network!
    To create your virtual photoalbum your should pass a very simple procedure of registration.

  • Registration
    Fill in the registration form: enter your full name, year of birth, city, e-mail, the password for editing and the password for private albums (Please, pay attention - passwords should not coincide! :-) ): Press the button - "Register".
    After that we will e-mail you the password with the help of which you will administrate your album. You will update the information in our database on your own, edit the records in the Guest book, add photos and create new albums. If you want you can delete your albums.

  • Creation of an album
    To place your pictures on the site enter the login and the password into the field "For members".
    Press the button "Download a picture" on the left side of the page near your personal information and download the picture. This picture will be called as "Picture of an author", you will see it on the main page of your album. If you want you may change it. Just press the button "Download a picture" at the bottom of the picture and download a new one. Then you may start creating your albums. It depends on you how you will arrange your pictures. You can arrange them according to events, dates, and etc. Enter the title into the field "Title of an album" and press "Add".
    Then enter into this album and download pictures. If you want to change the title of the album or delete it, press "Edit" at the right of the album title.
    In every album the first picture is the "main". There is an opportunity to move pictures inside the album "up" and "down" on one position. Also you may change or delete the picture (button "Edit" at the left of the title).
    Create the next albums in the same way.
    You may create a private album; only few people whom you give the password will see the pictures of this album. Thereto while registration you should enter a special password for private albums (it should not coincide with the main password).
    To orientate better in your pictures you'd better put down some comments near every picture.

  • Forgot the password?
    Enter the e-mail that you indicated at registration, and press the button "Request the password". Your password will be sent on that address.
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