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 личные, авторские, смешные

Гостевая книга
От: MakailahДля: Сергей
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  • she thinks holds women playwrights back in the selection process for production. The post, titled “A Common Problem I See in Plays by Women Playwrights. It’s Not What You a href="http://ujljsn.com"Thk2#&i82n1;,/a offers a certainly intere

  • От: ArnieДля: Vrednuga
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  • Thank you! a href="http://finwvad.com"We;27#18&re/a British, so used to state health care, and I’ve found decent state health care pretty much everywhere we’ve been. With the exception of Mali, 20 years ago, which was NOT a place to be si

  • От: MarylouiseДля: Ef Kozhevnikov
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  • I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks, a href="http://kfssmxlqld.com"I&218#7;ll/a try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

  • От: YelhsaДля: Kolja
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  • Ami / I met Jack in junior high. We sat together at lunch and he was so interesting to listen to. He knew so much stuff about world history and it was amazing to learn from him. I also went to high school with Jack and we were in a href="http://m

  • От: JackiДля: Джейлин
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  • Lol I like your old version sticker haha. I picked up two of the colours that looked REALLY similar to the old versions and they turned out to be different after all! I a href="http://reonlfsven.com"hanv&e#39;t/a seen Choose Me surface yet though O_o

  • От: DorthaДля: sweet
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  • Wow, a href="http://cauupmxw.com"Th17Rat;s/a pretty cool. Thanks! I love the way you present. Please make more videos, your good! Boy, am I going to blow my pottery teachers mind this time with this nifty idea. Ha Ha, Thanks again! You Rock!

  • От: ThenaДля: Юрий
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  • Socks? I have AUTHOR BOOTS (fur lined) for wearing at comtuper in winter, and I still get cold feet! Mind you, I've heard all the blood is supposed to rush from your feet into your brain when you are using it... http://lmbatht.com [url=http://bww

  • От: DarenceДля: Вячеслав
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  • I would agree and yet you title this as systems thinking for girls, a feminist view ?? Seems a little incongruent ? Surely when talking about thinking and methods for unnaisteddrng and changing systems gender bias is benign ? http://ouxsyqyb.com [url

  • От: SparkyДля: BaDaBOOM
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  • I cant imagine why it would be.I bought a car 3.5 years ago with a very small crack. Now its a longer crack. I expect that crack will be there whenever the car dies.Its not worth it to me for fix it being at its barely above steering wheel level. An

  • От: JanessДля: Anderson
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  • Well, if you re-read some old post here you get the impression that you where not certain but positive that the outcome would be in favor of Caerplis.In none of the posts I read here there was mentioned that the supporters of Chavez would be so commi

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