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  • Beer-Sheva 13.07.2004 (pogulyali 3 chasika) (Л)
  • Ocherednoj deni,provedyonnyj s Sashej (Pokhody po kuliturnym i NE kuliturnym mestam)23.06.2004 (А)
  • Feodosiya 2004 (ch.1) (Л)
  • Feodosiya 2004 (ch.2) (Л)
  • Feodosiya 2004 (ch.7) (Л)
  • Fotosesssiya (3-ya vstrecha s Sashkinym,Bog lyubit troizu) 17.06.2004 (А)

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    Personal information
    Nickname: Vikusika
    City: Beer-Sheva
    Few words about yourself: govoryat,chto vrednaya
    ICQ: no
    Date of birth: 24.06.1986

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    Name: Armando
     comment to the album
  • A million thanks for posting this inatfmroion. [url=]vvehkrr[/url] [link=]gzuyqlu[/link]

  • Name: KaThy
     comment to the album
  • Good job a href=""manikg/a it appear easy.

  • Name: Cindy
     comment to the album
  • Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days stgunrligg

  • Name: seym ur
     comment to the picture
  • ..

  • Name: Simpleks
     comment to the album
  • Kakaya simpatishnaya dokhtursha) interesno ty komenty chitaeshi? )))

  • Name: mark
     comment to the picture
  • Hello from USA! I wanted to write and tell you how beautiful and sexy you are!:) Do you have home page or more photos? Love to see them and meet you, if you like!:) Mark

  • Name: mel
     comment to the picture
  • hi

  • Name: Sergei
     comment to the picture
  • Simpotyulichka! 5+

  • Name: Jo_germany
     comment to the album
  • what a wonderful woman you are!!!

  • Name: Ant
     comment to the picture
  • I slavno..:)

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