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    Nickname: gastra
    City: Sankt-Peterburg
    Few words about yourself: Ekstazy izobiliya sterilizuyut razum...
    ICQ: no
    Date of birth: not presented

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    Name: Kristanna
     comment to the album
  • Where I can get a manual about installation and configuration with CentOS using OSCAR for managing cluster?I have a little problem with the network, I’m using CentOS on the master node, but I have two nodes, with Fedora and Ubuntu, respectively

  • Name: Dweezil
     comment to the album
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     comment to the album
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  • Name: Ivan
     comment to the album
  • Operator v Novosibirske. Vysokyj uroveni video, ot kompanii Mashina vremeni.

  • Name: bdisiqktcb
     comment to the album
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  • Name: Jenelle
     comment to the album
  • I cnaont tell a lie, that really helped.

  • Name: oshgays
     comment to the album
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  • Name: wgwccssjmyd
     comment to the album
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  • Name: ccjisk
     comment to the album
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  • Name: Almedino
     comment to the album
  • Heck of a job there, it aboslteluy helps me out.

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