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    Персональная информация
    Ф.И.О.: Андрей
    Ник/Подпись: Anderson
    Город: Уфа
    Немного о себе: свободный, как ветер
    e-mail: for_dron@ufacom.ru
    ICQ: 279066812
    Дата рождения: 09.03.1983

    фотография автора фотография автора
    все фотографии альбома все фотографии альбома

     Гостевая книга (Фотографии)
    Имя: Janess08.05.2016
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  • Well, if you re-read some old post here you get the impression that you where not certain but positive that the outcome would be in favor of Caerplis.In none of the posts I read here there was mentioned that the supporters of Chavez would be so commi

  • Имя: Dora08.05.2016
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  • Wonlerfud. This is exactly what I’ve come to recognize over the past few years and journeys. It seems the older you get, the faster time flows, and then you hit the road and a week feels like a month and a month like an eternity. In that sense,

  • Имя: Aspen08.05.2016
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  • Good to know, thumbs up to you! Apparently Ford are now suing them! Nissan Brazil have just brought out a new version of the commercial, if you search “Hot Brazilian Nissan Girls Return New Livinia 2011 Funny Sexy Banned Commercial – a hr

  • Имя: Debra07.05.2016
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  • Earlier this week we talked about five basic prenciplis that should be taught in the home. These principles can only be reinforced in church or school, but the model of what they learn comes from home. The first principle is the principle of love.

  • Имя: Jaylan07.05.2016
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  • I read your posintg and was jealous

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